Barcode printer

TSC MX240P系列


Give more landing solutions, label printing, verification printing content, data collection, label image collection, traceable information management.

  • Label printerResolution 203dpi、300dpi、600dpi

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    Software including

    Standard software: Verify printing content and compare data.

    Image anti-counterfeiting: label image collection, data management & query of texture sawtooth feature.

    Special for 4inch label printer

    Read speed up to 254MM / sec

    The length of detection label is up to 255mm

    Multiple LED light source modes (suitable for different material background color)

    CIS visual system verifies the imaging content:

    Various barcode reading, OCR character recognition, OCV detection, image template comparison.

    The unique decoding software from Megawin Bestow Group:

    Database comparison, historical data query, string comparison, serial number comparison and time comparison.


    Identification security

    Unique decoding software from Megawin Bestow Group improves the security of your packaging indentification.

    Identify defects, avoid fines and disputes, reduce rework, control scrap, and reduce legal risk.

    MX640P Series

    • "Thermal Smart Control" print technology produces cleanest, high quality barcodes
    • Heavy duty die-cast aluminum design
    • Fast 536 Mhz processor
    • Faster print speed - up to 18 ips
    • 4.3" color LCD includes new UI design with 6-button menus and touch panel operation 
    • Precise media positioning & preprinted label identification
    • Available in 203 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi resolutions
    • 512 MB Flash and 512 MB SDRAM memory
    • 600 meter ribbon capacity
    • TSPL-EZ firmware for plug-n-play ease 
    • USB host interface for stand-alone application
    • Auto TPH resolution switch detection
    • Ribbon capacity monitor widget
    • ENERGY STAR® qualified

  • In the process of label printing by barcode printer, defects may happen due to crease of carbon tape, lack of needle in the print head, and foreign matter in self-adhesive.

    Cause appearance defects, database mismatch, and complaints from downstream supply chain 

    CIS108 detection system can effectively prevent label printing errors, improve "identification security", and provide necessary data security for all production process before delivery.

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