megawin bestow group

Technology, Quality and Reputation

Megawin Bestow Group is headquartered in Shanghai, our business including automatic identification system, robot system, anti-counterfeiting & traceability system, automatic integration. At present, the company's main products include CIS vision system, label printing and testing integrated machine, robot, labeling machine, robot erecting technology, image anti-counterfeiting technology...

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Industrial digitization, data security......

Rich industrial application experience

Megawin Bestow Group fouce on product R & D, and system integration. Cover multiple industry: inkjet technology, labeling technology, vision technology, robot R & D, tracibility system, product identification, product data security, ERP, WMS, MES data interface automation integration.

End to end landing solution

Automation technology solution center & industrial product R & D center provides leading innovative products and end-to-end landing solutions for companies related wtih Megawin Bestow Group.

Revolutionary Crossover Collaboration

Megawin Bestow Group unique decoding software provides "simple, fast, flexible and reliable identification security technology" for improving the security of your packaging identification

International leading technology

CIS vision technology improves the indentification security , data accuracy in the whole industrial chain, and help end user to: "identify defects, avoid fines and disputes, reduce rework, control waste tate, and avoid legal issue"




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